Aries: An LSI Macro-Block for DSP Applications



This is my Master of Science Thesis for the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Department of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty of the Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. This version is slightly different from the original thesis, it has a nicer layout, and a modified preface. I am also working on an online version of this thesis which will hopefully be available at the URL:

I would like to thank especially to Yusuf Leblebici, who has been my much travelling advisor. The Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainity definitely applies to him: If you know where he is, you don't know what he is doing, and if you know what he is doing you don't know where he is.

A big special thank you to my family, who have always been with me and supported me and to Öden Hotin who has treated me like his own child and protected me in Switzerland.

I would also like to thank my professors at the ITU (in no particular order): Erdal Panayırcı, for helping me with my average :-); Duran Leblebici, it is called HAL - not HALL; Uğur Çilingiroğlu, for talking me into staying at ITU; Osman Palamutçuoğulları, for keeping me interested in electronics; Bülent Örencik, for being an extremely nice person; Ergül Akçakaya, for the trust he put in me; Hakan Özdemir, you still owe me 10 Guiness.

I also want to mention my co-workers at the ITU: Bilgin, is that an Amiga ?; MVT, what do you mean by saying I can complete the missing parts ?; Bülent, I can't be ugly; Asım, Nafı yani?; Elif, This is Çomar, my cat; Murat, I need someone who understands from computers, to help me carry this PC; Ece, Let us go to the mining faculty for breakfast; Cem, the speedy sports reporter; Selçuk, Dear admin, I have a question; Hakan, let us drink and be beautiful, Barış, Foton at your service, Bilge, do you call that a layout, and Müştak, from 10am Sunday to 1am Thursday, is that the faculty record ?

I'd like to thank to Daniel Mlynek, for accepting me as a refugee and providing a splendid working environment, all the friends at C3i-DE-EPFL: Alex, Alain, Paul, Theo, Francesco, Christophe, Laurent, Seong, Marc, Martin, Sophie, Frederic, Stephanie, Sylvain and Giorgio.

And last but not least to all my friends, for making my life so special: Erhan, Özlem, Orhan, Nezaket, Esra, Harun, Tandoğan, Turgut, Şima, Tuna, Nil, Berna, Torrence and the Dutch Gang, the Turkish Linux Users Group and all the rest that I forgot to mention.

Thank You !

January 1998

Frank Kagan Gürkaynak


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