#ifndef _SKEIN_PORT_H_
#define _SKEIN_PORT_H_
** Platform-specific definitions for Skein hash function.
** Source code author: Doug Whiting, 2008.
** This algorithm and source code is released to the public domain.
** Many thanks to Brian Gladman for his portable header files, which
** have been modified slightly here, to handle a few more platforms.
** To port Skein to an "unsupported" platform, change the definitions
** in this file appropriately.

#include "brg_types.h"                      /* get integer type definitions */

typedef unsigned int    uint_t;             /* native unsigned integer */
typedef uint_8t         u08b_t;             /*  8-bit unsigned integer */
typedef uint_64t        u64b_t;             /* 64-bit unsigned integer */

 * Skein is "natively" little-endian (unlike SHA-xxx), for optimal
 * performance on x86 CPUs.  The Skein code requires the following
 * definitions for dealing with endianness:
 *    Skein_Put64_LSB_First
 *    Skein_Get64_LSB_First
 *    Skein_Swap64
 * In the reference code, these functions are implemented in a
 * very portable (and thus slow) fashion, for clarity. See the file
 * "skein_port.h" in the Optimized_Code directory for ways to make
 * these functions fast(er) on x86 platforms.

u64b_t Skein_Swap64(u64b_t w64);
void   Skein_Put64_LSB_First(u08b_t *dst,const u64b_t *src,size_t bCnt);
void   Skein_Get64_LSB_First(u64b_t *dst,const u08b_t *src,size_t wCnt);

#endif   /* ifndef _SKEIN_PORT_H_ */

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