Test and Fabrication of VLSI Circuits

Frank K. Gürkaynak and Hubert Kaeslin

Course Information

Book (available online through ETHZ Library)


WeekDate LectureExercise
122. February Introduction / Cost of Manufacturing
21. March CMOS Manufacturing Datasheet Preparation
38. March Basics of Testing, Automated Test Equipment Prober and Laser
415. March Fault Models, Fault Simulation, Test Vector Generation Full Test Demo
522. March Practical IC Test 1: The Advantest SoC V93000 Tester Configuration
629. March Practical IC Test 2: Measurement Concepts Power Tests
705. April Practical IC Test 3: Pitfalls, Solutions Sweep Tests
812. April Memory Tests Speed Tests
19. April Easter Break Easter Break
926. April Physical Analysis of Semiconductor Circuits Lab Tour
1003. May Built-in Self Test Methodologies
1110. May Test access protocols: JTAG, P1500
1217. May Guest Lecture: t.b.d.
1324. May Microelectronics in the Future 1
1431. May Microelectronics in the Future 2

Mini Projects

Every student attending the class will be asked to work on an individual mini-project. The oral exam will consist mainly of the presentation of this project, supplemented by questions from the topics covered in class. The projects could be: Students will be graded based on the presentation of their mini-projects. Therefore they should make sure that:

Testing your own chip

The students that are testing a chip as part of their miniproject should consider the following:
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