PULP DSP  Version 1.0
Digital Signal Processing library for PULP processors (pulp-platform.org)
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Matrix Functions


 Matrix Matrix Multiplication
 Matrix Transposed Matrix Multiplication

Detailed Description

The naming scheme of the functions follows the following pattern (for example plp_mat_mult_i32s_rv32im):

<pulp> _ <function name> _ <data type> <precision> <method> _ <isa extension>, with
data type = {f, i, q} respectively for floats, integers, fixed points
precision = {32, 16, 8} bits
method = {s, v, p} meaning single (or scalar, i.e. not using packed SIMD), vectorized (i.e. using SIMD instructions), and parallel (for multicore parallel computing), respectively.
isa extension = rv32im, xpulpv2, etc. of which rv32im is the most general one.

This set of functions provides basic matrix math operations.