PULP DSP  Version 1.0
Digital Signal Processing library for PULP processors (pulp-platform.org)
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plp_rfft_instance_f32 Struct Reference

Instance structure for floating-point FFT. More...

#include <plp_math.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t FFTLength
uint8_t bitReverseFlag
const float32_t * pTwiddleFactors
const uint16_t * pBitReverseLUT

Detailed Description

Instance structure for floating-point FFT.

[in]lengthdata length of the FFT
[in]bitReverseFlagflag that enables (bitReverseFlagR=1) or disables (bitReverseFlagR=0) bit reversal of output
[in]pTwiddleFactorspointer to the twiddle factors. These values must be computed using this formula: \(W_N^k = e^{-j \frac{\pi}{N} k}\), where \(N\) is the data length and \(k\) is the index. The user must provide \(\frac{N}{2}\) values ( \(k = 0 .. \frac{N}{2}-1\)).
[in]pBitReverseLUTpointer to the lookup table used for the bit reversal of output. This table must include \(N\) elements in the range \(0 .. N-1\), where each location \(k\) contains the value \(bitreverse(k)\).

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