Release Notes 3.37


Support for VHDL'08:
  • New keywords, types, functions, attributes, operators, packages
  • Context declaration
  • Block comments
  • Directives
  • 'all' keyword in sensitivity list
  • Usage: VHDL'93 is still the default. For enabling VHDL'08 support customize option `vhdl-standard'.

Release Notes 3.34


Support for GNU Emacs 22/23/24:
  • Compilation error parsing fixes.
  • Other small fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes 3.33

New Features

Configuration Declaration Generation
  • Automatic generation of a configuration declaration for a design.


Release Notes 3.32

New Features

Structural Composition
  • Enables simple structural composition similar to graphical editors. Simplifies the creation of higher design levels where subcomponents are simply sticked together:
    1. Create a skeleton for a new component
    2. Place subcomponents directly from the hierarchy browser
    3. Automatically connect all subcomponents and create the ports for the new component (based on names of actual parameters)
  • Automatic generation of a components package (package containing component declarations for all entities).

Port Translation
  • Reverse direction of ports (useful for testbenches).

Subprogram Translation
  • Copy/paste of subprogram interfaces (similar to port translation).

Code Filling
  • Condense code using code-sensitive block filling (e.g. sensitivity lists or port maps).

Code Statistics
  • Calculate number of code lines and statements in a buffer.

Enhanced Features

Testbench Generation
  • Enhanced templates and user option default values.

  • GNU Emacs 21: `lazy-lock-mode' is not used anymore (built-in `jit-lock-mode' is faster).
  • Automatic buffer highlighting is now controlled by option `global-font-lock-mode' (GNU Emacs).
    (Important: You MUST customize this option in order to turn automatic buffer highlighting on.)

And many other minor fixes and enhancements.


Release Notes 3.31

New Features

Makefile Generation
  • Built-in function for generating Makefiles. Based on actual file dependencies obtained from the hierarchy browser.
  • Customizable for every compiler (option `vhdl-compiler-alist').
  • Can also be run non-interactively from the terminal command line.
  • Not supported: dependencies between different design libraries.

Enhanced Features

Hierarchy Browser
  • All projects are displayed simultaneously.
  • Includes more information and is fully case-insensitive.
  • Limit the depth of hierarchy displaying (see Speedbar menu).
  • VHDL configurations (also hierarchical) are now considered, except for multilevel configurations (i.e. a single configuration that goes down more than one level).
  • Simple design consistency checks are performed.
  • Hierarchy information is incrementally updated upon saving changed files.
  • Hierarchy information is cached in a file between Emacs sessions.

  • Better customization of projects (option `vhdl-project-alist'). Allows the specification of a library name, compile options/exceptions and directory, and the Makefile name. All of them can contain a compiler-dependent string in order to allow easy multi-platform use within one project.
  • Project setups can now be exported and imported as well as automatically loaded and activated at startup.

  • Better customization of compilers (option `vhdl-compiler-alist'). Allows the insertion of the library name of the current project into the compile options.

Port Pasting
  • Paste input ports as internal signal initializations.

  • Include a testbench configuration.

  • Enhanced and additional functions, changed key bindings.
  • A more intelligent line grouping results in nicer alignment of regions and buffers. Alignment of inline comments is more intelligent.

User Options (Customization)
  • Faster access to user options (custom variables) via "Options" menu entry.

See also the changes/additions in the online documentation (marked with a `|' at the beginning of lines).


User Options
  • Find the list of new and changed user options in the online release notes (see VHDL Mode menu).
  • There, see the note about re-customization of options `vhdl-compiler-alist' and `vhdl-project-alist' in order to take full advantage of the new features.

  • Install the included patches `speedbar.el' (together with `dframe.el' and `sb-image.el'), `hideshow.el', and `itimer.el' (XEmacs only). See the INSTALL file for details.

Release Notes 3.30


Release Notes 3.29

Release Notes 3.28

(Includes all changes of beta releases 3.23-3.27)

Release Notes 3.27 beta

Release Notes 3.26 beta

Release Notes 3.25 beta

Release Notes 3.24 beta

Release Notes 3.23 beta

Release Notes 3.21

Release Notes 3.20

Release Notes 3.18

Release Notes 3.15 (changes since 1.10 and 2.74)

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